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Thermador Appliance Repair

Are you in need of a Thermador appliance repair? Island Appliance Repair can help you with any of your Thermador appliance repairs, including your refrigerator not cooling, your oven not heating, your Thermador dishwasher leaking, and any other issues you may have.

For any of your Thermador appliance repair needs, our punctual, professional staff can respond quickly and present you with a detailed estimate of the work. We take pride in being courteous, honest, and we charge competitive rates.  Give Island Appliance Repair a call and your Thermador appliance repair will be in good hands.



At Island Appliance Repair, we know our customers depend on their Thermador appliances on a daily basis.  When an appliance you use everyday suddenly has a problem, we know it’s difficult to get your daily routines done.  Allow Island Appliance Repair to deliver fast, prompt, and professional assistance to get your Thermador appliance repair done, and your day back on course. 

We offer excellent workmanship on all Thermador appliances. Island Appliance Repair’s goal is to communicate with our customers at all times, ensuring you receive the best service at an appointment time that works around your daily plans. 

Common causes of a Thermador Refrigerator freezing food include a broken temperature control thermostat, defective main control board, and more.-

A Thermador refrigerator not cooling can be caused by dirty condenser coils, defective start relay, defective condenser fan motor, and much more.

Thermador refrigerator repairs can include complaints of loud or new noises. This can be caused by a faulty fan blade, a faulty water inlet valve, a damaged compressor, and other issues.

A Thermador refrigerator not defrosting can be due to a failed defrost control board, defective defrost timer, a blown defrost sensor fuse, or a defective defrost thermostat.

Do your Thermador’s range burners spark all the time? This may be due to a failed spark module, a defective spark ignition switch and harness, and other issues.

Is your Thermador range burner not working? It can have many causes, including a loose or burnt wire connection, a damaged coil surface element, a faulty surface element board, and other issues.

Are you needing a Themador range repair due to an igniter issues? Igniters click when burner off can be due to a bad igniter, a misaligned burner cap, a faulty spark module and many other faults.

A Thermador range repair can be needed when a burner won’t turn off. This can be caused by a failed surface element switch, a shortened out radiant surface element, a shorted out solid surface element, and more.

Thermador Oven Repairs

Thermador oven temperature not accurate can be caused by a burned out convection element, burned out broil element, a weakened igniter, and many other issues.

If your Thermador oven is not baking evenly, it could have a loose or burnt wire connection, a defective igniter, burned out bake element, or a blown thermal fuse, or other issues.

Thermador oven repairs can include an oven not self cleaning. This can be caused by a blown thermal fuse, a defective oven control board, or a failed relay board.

Do you have a Thermador oven won’t turn off? This can be due to a failed temperature control thermostat, shorted out bake element, a failed relay board, and more.

A Thermador dishwasher not cleaning can be due to a defective defrost heater assembly, worn out or broken water pump belt, clogged wash arm, and much more.

Is your Thermador dishwasher not draining? It can be caused by a clogged drain valve, a broken drain impeller, clogged drain hose, and more.

A Thermador dishwasher making noise can be an annoying and worrisome issue. It can be caused by a dirty drain pump, a dirty drain pump, a deformed water inlet valve, and much more.

If you find your Thermador dishwasher not drying dishes, it may have a defective or blocked vent, a burned out heating element, a faulty vent fan motor, or other issues.

Thermador Range

If you’re in need of a Thermador range repair, making meals for your family can become quite the hassle. Thermador ranges can have issues including the ignitor not working or making extra clicking noises, or burners that won’t light, or even burners that won’t turn off. Rest assured, Island Appliance Repair can help you with a Thermador range repair.

Thermador Refrigerator Repair

Thermador refrigerators can have a variety of issues that may arise. The issues can vary from the Thermador refrigerator doesn’t cool, runs constantly, or needs other maintenance. You can trust Island Appliance Repair to resolve your Thermador appliance repair.

Thermador Dishwasher

Is your Thermador dishwasher leaking, not cleaning, or won’t start? Thermador dishwasher repairs can be quickly resolved by Island Appliance Repair. We take pride in being honest and courteous, and we charge competitive rates.

Thermador Oven

Are you in need of a Thermador oven repair? Island Appliance Repair can resolve your oven problems, including when a Thermador oven won’t turn on, the oven fan won’t turn off, and when your Thermador oven doesn’t bake evenly.


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